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Why should you waste your time trying to fix IT issues?

Your focus should be on what you do best – selling and servicing trucks and let Helion focus on what we do best – fixing IT issues! At Helion, we help thousands of auto and trucking employees by managing their IT and quickly resolving them when there is an issue. Find out how we can support you today!

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Helion’s Full Service Support gets you all the benefits of a fully-staffed IT department (and more!)

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff work only with Auto and Trucking Dealers. We know your business inside and out.  Your staff can focus on selling and servicing vehicles instead of worrying about tech issues.


andrea-helpdeskHelion offers a range of services to help support your  IT infrastructure, making you more secure and resilient.

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What’s Included in a Complimentary Assessment?


managerdeskTruck Dealers who have a dedicated IT professional, but are looking for additional support count on Helion’s Service Desk. It’s a perfect compliment to help handle the day-to-day issues.  Our friendly staff know how to get issues resolved and keep your employees up and running and allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.