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Preventing Server Failure #FTW!

//Preventing Server Failure #FTW!

Preventing Server Failure #FTW!

What would happen if your trucking dealership suffered a complete server failure?

You could lose data, email function, printers, PCs – none of it working! How will you run your dealership without those? You won’t. IT downtime can damage your dealership’s reputation, decrease employee morale and cause you to lose loyal customers.

Servers should have regular maintenance and monitoring. Doing both of these helps to ensure that the server is healthy and running efficiently. Putting it off for too long or completely neglecting to do this can start the domino-effect of putting your server(s) in danger of failure.

Recently at Helion, we were able to prevent such a disasters from occurring for a couple clients.

Since we do proactive monitoring, on a Saturday evening a few weeks ago a failed drive was discovered at a dealership. Not a good situation to be in. If the second drive also failed, it would have resulted in a complete server failure.

In order to fix the issue and prevent it from getting worse, Helion was able to reach out to Dell to schedule an onsite delivery of the new equipment needed that next morning – a Sunday!

A Helion team member was then able to successfully set up the new drive, correcting the issue and completely preventing a potential disaster – all without any effect on business!

Whether your dealership manages your IT itself, or relies on an MSP like Helion – the bottom line is that server maintenance and monitoring is absolutely crucial to protecting your dealership!

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