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Who is Managing Your Warranties?

//Who is Managing Your Warranties?

Who is Managing Your Warranties?

Think of all the IT equipment at your dealership.
PCs, tablets, wireless nodes, servers, and phones just to name a few!
Now, think honestly about who manages all of that equipment. Do you have a dedicated IT department? Outsource IT? Maybe it’s your Internet Sales Manager….or worse, maybe no one!
Most, if not all of your IT equipment comes with warranties for its services and performance – depending on the device. In some cases when you purchase the equipment, the warranty may be optional. It is always a good idea to purchase that warranty – but make sure that you are keeping track of it.
Forgotten warranties is a problem many Dealers face. There is often no one managing IT hardware inventory, so usually if something breaks Dealers are quick to just replace it with something new. Having broken equipment holds back business, so the knee-jerk reaction is to fix it fast.
More often than not, if you were managing your warranties the replacement would be free or at a much lower cost than completely repurchasing it. Many vendors also provide quick replacement time – sometimes within hours!
Dealers that work with an outsourced IT team, like Helion, have the reassurance that IT maintenance items like managing warranties is handled properly. If something goes down for one of our clients, we are able to quickly work with the vendor or manufacturer and get the fix or replacement handled for the dealer. This keeps them efficient and with little to no business downtime.
Whether you have an outsourced IT team or not – we recommend all Dealers create an IT inventory plan to manage their warranties properly. You will save yourself time and money in the long run!

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